Join us for Worship

4202 Hessen Cassel Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46806

Sunday Worship  10:00 am
Wednesday Word 6:00 pm

Sunday at 10am

Our Mission & Vision

Always Conquering Life

At Joshua’s Temple, we plant Life Conquerors in our community and around the world who …

the power of

in what helps you
be your best.

the virtues that build good character.

to defeat enemies that threaten your purpose.

Sunday Services

Come as you are. We are all sinners saved by grace. At Joshua’s Temple, we want to help you deepen your relationship with God and grow in your faith.

Focus on Love

A willing to sacrifice for someone else’s happiness or well-being, LOVE arises from a deep, tender compassion and a sense of oneness with others.

Pray With Us

Begin each day with a L.I.V.E. phone call for prayer and devotions. 

Have Kids?

Even the youngest among us can L.I.V.E.

Learn With Us

Learn to conquer life and discover how to L.I.V.E.

Worship With Us

Whether by livestream or face-to-face, we all draw closer to God.

Serve With Us

Roll up your sleeves and help us build homes, neighborhoods and a community worth coming home to.

Stay in Touch

FaithLife is our web and mobile app for strengthening our community throughout the week.