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Virtue of The Month Forgiveness Offers freedom to Conquer Life's Challenges!!
Building Community Matters

The mission of Joshua's Hand is to assist the community in helping mid to low-income persons replace the destructive effects of poverty and homelessness with positive, supportive and transformative services designed to promote self-leadership, hope and well-being while transitioning into safe, decent and affordable permanent housing.

The Joshua LEADS (Leadership; Excellence; Adaptability; Development; Success) Project is an innovative training initiative in North & Southeast Fort Wayne with a primary focus on millennial (ages 16-24): youth, young adults, former foster youth in transition to adulthood, young families and young veterans who have had some bad life experiences because of loss of family, money, education and childhood trauma causing socio-economic hardships and desire safe, stable, affordable housing and a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Joshua's Temple Church
4202 Hessen Cassel Rd. | Fort Wayne, IN 46806 | PH: (260) 387-6384; FAX: ( 260) 387-6386