We all want to live our life to the fullest.
But how?


We L.I.V.E!


Learn the power of significance.

When you get your head, your heart and your hands working together, you’ll learn your significance. You are worth it. God has given you something that you can use. What are your gifts? What are you talents? Your personality? You experiences? What do you uniquely have in your hand to do or be? Because whatever you have in your hand, God can use. God made you to be who you are. You are significant. Learn the power of your significance.

Listen to past sermons to hear how God values you.

Invest in what helps you be your best.

To start walking in your significance you have to invest in what makes you be your best. You have to invest in your faith, what do you believe? And why do you believe it? Define your family and invest in those relationships. Determine what will make your physical body healthy and invest the time to work on that. Invest in knowledge in how to handle money God’s way.

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Value the virtues that build good character.

Virtues reflect our core values, but they go beyond abstract thought to demand action. They are habits of the mind, the heart, and the soul. Practical virtues are hands-on, useful, and applicable to daily life. We don’t merely read about and ponder practical virtues; they must be practiced and exercised, like flexing a spiritual muscle.

Discover the 12 Virtues.

Expect to defeat the enemies that threaten your purpose.

When we learn our significance, invest in what makes us our best, and live virtuously, we can expect the obstacles in our life to be conquerable. God doesn’t promise to give us a life without enemies, but He does promise to be there with you. When you expect God to show up, you can expect to conquer life. God has a plan for your life and when you L.I.V.E you can expect to fulfill that purpose.   

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